Wednesday Conference Sessions

Keynote Speakers

  • Baroness Manningham-Buller LG DCB Baroness Manningham-Buller LG DCB

Leadership in Uncertain Times


Eliza Manningham-Buller headed Britain’s Security Service (MI5) from 2002 to 2007, leading the organisation through substantial change in the wake of 9/11 and the threat from Al-Qaeda. During her time at the helm, MI5 doubled in size, opened eight new offices and altered its approach to the professional development of staff with the establishment of a training academy.

Earlier in her career, Eliza led the Service’s investigation into the Lockerbie bombing. She served in Washington during the first Gulf war, returning to establish MI5’s intelligence effort against the Provisional IRA in mainland Britain. She joined the Board and assumed lead responsibility for work on Irish terrorism, surveillance, technical collection, finance and IT before becoming Deputy Director General in charge of intelligence operations.

Drawing on her experience in the most demanding of environments, Eliza stresses the need for leaders in any walk of life to engage in frank dialogue and invite criticism – “Do not try to be something you’re not, take responsibility for your team and don’t forget that humour can be found even in the most awful situations.”

  • Jon Dye Jon Dye
    Chief Executive, Allianz Insurance
  • Tulsi Naidu Tulsi Naidu
    Chief Executive Officer, Zurich UK
  • Darren Rowe Darren Rowe
    Vice President, Head of Business Development, Allied World Europe
  • Rob Townend Rob Townend
    Managing Director, Aviva UK General Insurance
  • Julie Page Julie Page
    Chief Executive Officer, Aon UK

Ask the Insurer


What does the future of insurance look like?

With the continued cementing of technology and AI into the beating heart of the industry, brokers will have to adapt their frameworks and values to keep abreast of the changes and maintain their place as the customer’s trusted agent. How will insurers respond to these challenges?

There is already a seismic shift on the horizon with the advent of connected devices and wearable tech infiltrating into every aspect of insurance, from data delivery and sharing to risk calculations, distribution, underwriting and claims. Coupled with the client’s ever-increasing concern for cybersecurity, insurers will need to negotiate tricky terrain when it becomes the new norm.

This high profile session will be an opportunity for brokers to hear from a panel of leading insurers on their top-level concerns for the future of the sector, a chance to look beyond the current global political uncertainty and to discuss how the UK insurance market will continue to lead the way.

Seminar Sessions


These sessions run concurrently. Delegates can choose one of the following sessions to attend.

  • Shân Millie Shân Millie
    Founder, Bright Blue Hare
  • Elliot Biggs Elliot Biggs
    Chief Information Officer, C-Quence Technolgies
  • Nic Hartley Nic Hartley
    Head of Business Improvement and Innovation, Ecclesiastical

Innovation in Insurance: The Straight-talking Session

Join us for the most brutally honest session on insurance innovation you’ll ever have! Designed to help you cut through the ’noise’ to the most practical and relevant ideas and tools for your business, this session is delivered by three experts who represent a range of experience and viewpoints, and who are united by a mission to demystify InsurTech.

Innovation: what’s really in it for you? Come along, hear the case ‘for’ and ‘against’ — and you be the judge.

Learning objectives:

  • Benefit from the learnings of real-life broker innovation case studies – and how they could work for you
  • Learn about the key ideas and tools broking businesses could adopt to drive relevance and growth
  • Be informed on the latest views on InsurTech from the inside: what has actually been achieved to date?
  • David Bonehill David Bonehill
    UK Claims Director, Ecclesiastical
  • Mike Crane Mike Crane
    Managing Director, LV=Broker
  • Damian Glynn Damian Glynn
    Director and Head of Financial Risks, Sedgwick
  • Andrew Gibbons Andrew Gibbons
    Managing Director, Mason Owen Financial Services


Making an insurance claim is often the first time that a customer will need to contact their insurer and while the experience can never be ‘pain-free’, brokers are committed to help their clients successfully navigate the process.

This session will consider how the claims landscape is changing and look at how the industry is responding. Chaired by Andrew Gibbons, Managing Director of Mason Owen Financial Services and also Chair of BIBA’s Claims Working Group, the panel will investigate new and emerging technologies, assess new risks and associated claims and discuss best practice during these sometimes difficult and protracted transactions.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand how claims are processed from two leading insurers and a senior loss adjuster
  • Learn how new technologies can speed up the claims process
  • Keep up to date on how insurers are responding to ever-more sophisticated fraudulent schemes
  • Karina McTeague Karina McTeague
    Director of General Insurance & Conduct Specialists, FCA
  • David Sparkes David Sparkes
    Head of Compliance & Training, BIBA

Leading the Way on Regulation

With the UK having officially left the European Union before the 2019 BIBA Conference takes place, what impact will this have on the raft of EU-derived regulations that apply to insurance brokers?

The UK regulators have traditionally led the way in terms of regulations that the EU subsequently follows; will the UK feel free to ‘run on ahead’ now that the EU has (officially) stopped following?

Hosted by BIBA’s Head of Compliance, David Sparkes, this session provides an opportunity to hear from and question Karina McTeague, the FCA’s Director of General Insurance Supervision around the work her team will be leading.

Learning objectives:

  • Hear more about the regulator’s expectations and plans affecting the insurance sector
  • Understand the ramifications of Brexit from a regulatory perspective