Exhibitor Profiles

Acasta European Insurance  C64
Accelerate Underwriting BIBA Scheme ProviderB92
Acturis  F24
AGB Risk Control Services  F70
AgeasEnhanced entry D10
AIG  D40
AllClear Travel Insurance BIBA Scheme ProviderG19
Allianz Insurance  E10
Allied World  E80
Alternative Risk Management  E77
Altruisk Risk Management  E1
AmTrust Underwriting  C71
Ant Marketing  A42
APC London Market  B68
Applied Systems  E60
ARAGEnhanced entry F8
Arch InsuranceEnhanced entry D71
Aspray  B88
Aviva  C20
AXAEnhanced entry E40
Azur Underwriting  D74
Barbican Protect  E30
BDElite  D76
Beazley BIBA Scheme ProviderD11
Bexhill UK  A48
BIBAEnhanced entry E90
Blink Intermediary Solutions  B49
BNP Paribas Personal FinanceEnhanced entry D68
Bollington BIBA Scheme ProviderB47
BriefYourMarket  F94
British Engineering Services  E68
Broker Direct  B83
Broker Insights  G2
Broker Network  E25
Browne Jacobson  B78
Bupa  C38
Bureau van DijkEnhanced entry E70
C-Quence  G56
Camberford Underwriting BIBA Scheme ProviderC82
Carpenters Group  D79
CFC Underwriting BIBA Scheme ProviderB38
Charles Taylor  C76
Charles Taylor InsureTech  C74
Chartered Insurance Institute  E50
Chaucer  E38
Chubb  F50
CIR Magazine  G75
Citynet Insurance BrokersEnhanced entry D63
Close Brothers Premium FinanceEnhanced entry F10
CLS Risk Solutions  G50
CMR Insurance Services BIBA Scheme ProviderA82
CNA HardyEnhanced entryBIBA Scheme ProviderB20
Collinson  F59
Compass  D20
Coplus  G27
Covéa Insurance  C50
Cover.Net  C78
CPP Group UK  E83
Crawford & CompanyEnhanced entry B41
Cyber+Insure  A16
DAS UK Group  F39
Davies Group  B50
Direct CommercialEnhanced entry B19
Direct Insurance London Market BIBA Scheme ProviderE81
Dive In  A80
DTW1991 BIBA Scheme ProviderD19
Ecclesiastical and Ansvar  C40
Eckoh  C83
Ensurance UK  B80
ERSEnhanced entry C2
ES Risks  G10
eviid  B42
Fidelity Payment  F51
Financial Conduct Authority  A70
Firetrace  G77
Fireward  G69
Flaxmans BIBA Scheme ProviderB90
Flood Excess  G31
Flood Re  G52
FloodFlash  G30
Flynet  B74
Folgate Insurance Company  C48
Geo Underwriting  D39
Gibraltar Finance  E79
Gilchrist Standard  G4
GoCompare  F63
Granite Underwriting  D69
Griffiths & Armour BIBA Scheme ProviderC15
Hadleigh Breakdown  F68
Healthcare International  F78
Hiscox  A30
Home & Legacy BIBA Scheme ProviderF2
Horizon Underwriting  F74
HorizonscanEnhanced entry C79
HSB Engineering Insurance  F31
i-Wonder  F60
Insight by Confused.com  C87
Insly  C77
Insurance Age  E76
Insurance Business  B84
Insurance Data Solutions  G1
Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation  A78
Insurance Insider  F90
Insurance Post  E76
Insurance Times  G34
Insurance United Against Dementia  A74
Insure AppsEnhanced entryBIBA Scheme ProviderF83
Insure Telematics SolutionsEnhanced entry D70
Insure TV  G71
Insurercore  F88
Intasure BIBA Scheme ProviderF32
Integra Insurance Solutions  C93
International General Insurance (IGI)Enhanced entry B60
Introhive  G63
Jackson Lee Underwriting BIBA Scheme ProviderB10
Jewellery Claims Plc  B81
Lawes Consulting Group  A44
Legal & General  D41
LexisNexis Risk Solutions  C58
Litmus Analysis BIBA Scheme ProviderA56
Lloyd'sEnhanced entry D60
LMI Group  G59
Lockton Companies BIBA Scheme ProviderB40
London Belgravia Brokers  G8
Lorega BIBA Scheme ProviderB28
LV= BrokerEnhanced entry D30
magenta insurance BIBA Scheme ProviderD82
Managing General Agents' Association  D81
Manchester Underwriting Management BIBA Scheme ProviderB48
MarkelEnhanced entry B2
Marmalade BIBA Scheme ProviderD80
McLarens  B58
Medical Solutions UK  G25
MG Underwriting  B63
MGB Insurance BrokersEnhanced entryBIBA Scheme ProviderF36
Miller Insurance ServicesEnhanced entry B75
Momentum Broker Solutions  G20
Morning DataEnhanced entry A38
Motor Insurers' Bureau  G55
MS AmlinEnhanced entry B18
National Gift Card Europe  G26
National Windscreens  B12
NMU  B30
NovideaEnhanced entry C41
NSL TelecomsEnhanced entry B71
Oakleafe ClaimsEnhanced entry C80
On Insurance  B67
Open GI  C10
Opus Underwriting  G79
Outra  E87
Pearson Ham  A58
Pen Underwriting  E2
Plum Underwriting  C82
Polaris UK  F71
PolicyPlan  B51
Pool Re  D58
PremFinaEnhanced entry E58
Premium CreditEnhanced entryBIBA Scheme ProviderF20
Pukka Insure  E8
Purple Partnership  F30
Q UnderwritingEnhanced entry D28
QBEEnhanced entry D50
QuestGates BIBA Scheme ProviderG32
Quotall  D78
Quotezone.co.uk  B57
R&Q CRSEnhanced entryBIBA Scheme ProviderF14
RACEnhanced entry F80
Ratcliffe Underwriting BIBA Scheme ProviderF58
REG (UK)  D84
Renovation Plan BIBA Scheme ProviderF81
Renovation UnderwritingEnhanced entry E75
Rentguard  E89
Road Runner  F81
RPost UK BIBA Scheme ProviderC75
RSA  E20
Rural and Commercial HoldingsEnhanced entry D77
S&P Global Market Intelligence BIBA Scheme ProviderF64
Sedgwick  C70
SEIB Insurance Brokers  E74
SenséeEnhanced entry E85
Sequel Business Solutions  G15
Servca BIBA Scheme ProviderC85
Smithers Purslow  A40
Softelligence  B70
SSP  F38
Stride Group  E71
THB UK Risk SolutionsEnhanced entry C18
The Floow  D88
The Insurance Charities  A76
Thompson & BryanEnhanced entry F54
Tokio Marine HCC  C30
Trakm8  A50
TravelersEnhanced entry B11
U-SUREEnhanced entry C82
Value Checkers  G28
Vantage ProtectEnhanced entry C91
Vasek Insurance  C60
Verisk  B77
VisionTrack  A10
Vodafone Automotive UK  F77
VSL GroupEnhanced entry F92
Wavenet UK  B79
We Are Guernsey  F76
Websure  B61
Weightmans/CyXcel  D86
Wiser Academy  G58
Worry+Peace BIBA Scheme ProviderF1
Yutree Underwriting BIBA Scheme ProviderC69
Zing365  G22
Zurich Insurance  A20
Zywave  G33